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This wine cellar holds approximately 30 rows of 25 casks, stacked 4 high, which multiplies to 3000 casks. Each cask has a capacity of 300 litres, which represents 400 bottles of wine. At $10 a bottle, this room holds $12,000,000 of wine. At $15 a bottle, $18,000,000.

Driving out from Cape Town towards the townships for a few hours, and we saw a seemingly endless number of vineyards. The above calculation explains why this is so.

Note the green vineyards, yet the region is in the midst of a historical drought. Therefore the prediction that people will be thirsty before the vines.

And by the way, we had a lovely time wine tasting, as least those who could taste wine. The setting under the huge trees was superb, the temperature ideal. We were served a lunch, which by consensus, rated a 8.5 out of 10 of its culinary excellence.

Freshness, variety and abundance of food seemingly never an issue, you can eat extremely well in South Africa.