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Intermission (!) Yes, I stopped blogging about midway through our trip due to two primary reasons, there were many other things to do on the trip, and I was starting to get a lot of video, which is impractical to post over ship’s satellite based Internet service. I plan on continuing to blog the entire trip. The very positive feedback that both Suzanne and I have received from the blog followers is a huge encouragement. Here is a video, documentary style. While in Mombasa, Kenya, we visited a community of artists who created pieces of African Art. The community, we were told, had 300 artists. There was a store (anybody surprised at this?) where their collective art was offered, and they shared the revenues.  A shared community is a communist-esque system in a capitalist country. Take a look at the conditions they work in, and the tools at their disposal. Their skills are amazing. The fellow who is sawing about 1 inch from his foot, at seccond 23 in the video, was stricking. This community could not operate at here at home, the workplace safety authorities would have it shut down faster than as you can say “I’d like a wooden lion for our mantel, please” Duration 1 minute, 29 seconds